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Select Portfolio Properties

Select Portfolio Properties

Select Portfolio Properties

Preferred Equity & Mezzanine Debt Program

We coordinate with our vast network of experienced operators to provide capital that generates attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors in a more secure place in the capital stack. Our ability to underwrite and close deals quickly, combined with our experience operating our portfolio, presents an attractive financing alternative to many sponsors seeking a true partner with an aligned vision in the specialty financing space. 


As a discretionary capital provider, we provide our partners with certainty as they work to build out their capital stack. We understand the challenges of arranging the necessary capital to close a deal under a deadline and can provide proposals in a matter of days with quick closing capabilities. As operators, we recognize the significance of certainty and strive to offer it in the middle-market sector, where it has been historically hard to identify. 


Have a project in need of preferred equity? Review our program parameters or reach out and tell us more about your project. 

Select Portfolio Properties

Investment Criteria

We are opportunistic investors that have the ability to structure deals outside of a mandated box. While we remain generally flexible in how we structure our investments in order to create a win-win between ourselves and our partners our general parameters can be found below:

Investment Type
•Preferred Equity
•Mezzanine Debt
Asset Type
Investment Strategies
•Core Plus
Structures Available
•Current Pay
•Accrued Pay
•Current + Accrued
•Profit Participation
Investment Size
•$3mm - $15mm
Maximum LTC
•36 - 60 Months
Total Rate

Want to work together?

We are always seeking new sponsors with a history of operating excellence. No matter the stage we'd like to coordinate on ways we can work together. 

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